Women: What Is A Non-Traditional Career Really Like?

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Women: What Is A Non-Traditional Career Really Like?

It is no secret that trades, science, and technology fields pay well. So why aren't more women taking advantage of these opportunities? Is it the lack of knowledge? Or maybe it is the fear of being different? Unfortunately, even today, a gender gap still exists. That means there are challenges to overcome but I guarantee the benefits are worth it!

I have decided to write about women choosing a non-traditional career and the challenges that they will face. I would like to encourage women to follow their dreams even if it means stepping out of traditional gender roles. This issue touches home for me because I have personally experienced the positive benefits from pursuing a non-traditional career as well as the many negative aspects. When I was in school I received mostly negative attention whereas in the actual workplace I used being a female as an advantage to gain positive attention.

I would like to know how sex segregation in the workforce compares in other countries. I would also like to know how many more women are employed in non-traditional careers now compared to the past. This issue is important because women are able to benefit greatly from a nontraditional career in many ways. They are able to enjoy a salary increase, job advancement, and economic self-sufficiency.

My interest in the automobiles started at about five years of age. I used to "help" my father fix old Camaro's and Corvettes by handing him tools. My curiosity turned into fascination. I did my first motor rebuild and swap when I was 14 years old. That was it, I was hooked. There was this gratification that I got when I repaired something. For me, it was almost addicting.

At 18 I started automotive school.