How Women Are Presented In The Media

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How Women Are Presented in the Media If I had writing this just off how I thought that women were presented then I probably would have had some very sexist comments. However, after really looking at different sources of media for the past week, I have come to the conclusion that it is almost the opposite of what I thought. Women are now most often presented in a superior manor to men.

There are several reasons that made me believe this. First of all many commercials these days involve women in powerful roles, such as one commercial for Gatorade, where Cynthia Cooper of the WNBA is presented as a strong, powerful role model, instead of the stereotypical male athlete. Another example of women being viewed in strong roles is commercials with very beautiful women and men just staring at them almost hypnotized by them. This almost gives the perception that women have total control over men.

Another example from the media is women in sports. Many women's' sports today are televised and publicized just as much as their male counterparts. Many examples of these are the WNBA, women's soccer, women's golf, and women's tennis. These sports have become more and more popular and I believe that the media's presentation of them has had a big part in the change.

I think that although in the past women have been viewed as weak and vulnerable in the media, today it is much different. There has been a revolution in the media in the past 5 or so years. Women's sports have become more and more popular and more and more women have been elected to political office, which has played a big part in the change. I think that with the growing popularity of women, the media just played along...