How are the women presented in the stories "Veronica" and "Country Lovers"?

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The stories, "Veronica" and "Country Lovers" both present women in much the same ways. This is that women are seen as inferior, and are controlled by men. This is shown by not letting the women have a chance to speak, by showing that the women are dominated by the men and by showing that women stay at home and do domesticated jobs.

In "Country Lovers", Thebedi is shown to be inferior to Paulus; "He told her, each time when they would meet again". This clearly shows that Paulus has all of the power in the relationship and is controlling the inferior woman. The phrase also shows that Thebedi does not have a say in the matter. She is completely excluded from the decision, as she is seen as being inferior to the male. However, at this time black people were segregated from society, and for a white person to be seen in a relationship with a black person would have meant severe consequences for Paulus, which is why he had to control what times and where the two met.

This shows that women are presented as weak and easily dominated by males.

Women are also seen as inferior to men in "Veronica"; "listening to her screams". Veronica is physically abused by her father, however, as we see no reaction from Okeke or his father, this shows that the oppression and physical abuse of women is common. This is emphasised by Okeke's father's; "unwillingness to become involved". Much like "Country Lovers", Gordimer gives the impression that the females are weak and controlled by the males.

Another way in which women are presented in "Country Lovers" is as staying at home and doing the domesticated jobs. This is not the total case in the two stories, but the two women both stay...