Women in the progressive period

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The mid-twentieth century was a breeding ground for advances in many aspects of America. The First World War, also called the Great War, began many changes and led the way into the booming 1920's. People were fighting for their rights and also fought to be thought of as equals by the American society. Women were one of the groups among the herd of Americans striving to become move up in the hierarchy of American society. Specific things that forwarded the progress of women in this time are wars, specifically World War One, political advances, and medical and technological advances.

World War One was a catalyst for women's rights. Women were allowed to be nurses in the war, aiding the hurt soldiers. Women worked in the Red-Cross and the Salvation Army. Those nurses who served were in Belgium, Italy, England and on troop trains and transport ships. Army and Navy Nurse Corps women served valiantly throughout the war, many received decorations for their service.

During the war women in America were fighting for suffrage, their right to vote. They were allowed to serve their country in a war but they couldn't vote? It didn't make sense to women. They felt that they had earned the responsibility to vote side by side with men.

Fridkin - 2During the war many companies were deficient in workers because of the mass amount of men that had to leave to fight in the war. To compensate for their loss women were hired to fill those positions. Women began to work in jobs that were usually dominated my males, such as weapon factories. During this time 500,000 more women entered the workforce. At this time women were able to feel a sense of independence that they never had the opportunity to feel before. When the war...