Women Rights

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Sharing the Poverty but not the Power From the early years and into the fifties, women have been the ones put on the back burner, in the shadows, and put under the impression of lower status because of their sexual gender. Never in America did women experience the crucial and unthinkable torture as that of women over seas. These women have been abused, banished, and put down due to the fact that they are women. Women in Third World countries have little to no freedom, and are not allowed the same rights as those of men and young boys. Many people are not aware of some of these issues that are happening to these women until watching an episode of ?Oprah?, and this was her topic. This episode showed how women are circumcised, tortured, and beaten so their fathers and future husband will accept them. Many of these women have no authority in their homes, and are subject to activities that in this country would be immoral and illegal.

This topic is important for people to become aware about, because such behavior needs to stop. The women in these countries are unaware of the freedom that the women in the United States have. If they were educated and shown the freedoms that the women have here, in the United States, more women would take a stand to try to correct some of the problems that they are having in their countries. Unfortunately these acts will repeat themselves unless we can answer the question, ?how do we help prevent these acts from happening?? The abuse, torture, and anguish that these women are put though in the Third World countries are immoral, unethical, and some action must be taken on in protecting their lives and their children?s lives.

Those emerging from ?old?...