Women's Role in History

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Throughout history, women have had very small roles in religion. The reason for this was because of the early civilizations that were male predominant. In the early civilizations, the male were dominant because they were warriors and hunters that provided food and shelter for the family and the female just stayed at home and watched the children. For centuries we still carry on this way of thinking. In most societies, males are superior to female. Just like many societies, religion also has this similar philosophy. In religion, males and females have different roles. While they worship the same god, obey the same rule, women are still constrained from performing certain tasks that men can perform. Although many religions have recognized women as being equal to men and are giving them high authority religious position, the Roman Catholic Church still stands firm on its position on the belief that women should not have any important roles in religion.

In earlier societies, the career choices for a male were more open than a female because society supported them. Unlike women who were look down on when telling her decision on doing anything else other than bearing children and doing household chores. The unfair treatment of women can be seen from the beginning of time, especially with Christianity. In Christianity, women who wanted to pursue in religion did not have many choices. Unlike the men, women could not hold high position of religious authority in the church. They could only join an order or become a nun. This discrimination brings about many controversial issues about gender equality in religion today.

We usually describe God as a he or she because of our lack of understanding of something without describing it with the physical world language. God is genderless because God is a divine...