Women's Roles in Qatar

Essay by salman1981 May 2009

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Qatar is one the fastest developing countries in the world. It is also one of the richest countries. Since the mid – 1800s Qatar was ruled by Al-Thani.

Oil and gas are the two main sources of the country’s income and since these sources will eventually finish, Qatar thought of another way to increase the income. They decided to provide quality education to their people.

In Qatar, women’s education is considered extremely important; it replaces the traditional roles of women. By providing them education, they do more then just care for their children and husband. Qatar has greatly developed in the past 15 years; however it is a shame that in this journey they have lost their culture.

I personally think that my sisters and I are attending mix American Universities due to this development. The recent financial crisis resulted in a decline in oil prices and the budget of projects in 2009 and thus, in order to save Qatar’s future plan B was implemented.

(Qatar, 1)According to her highness Sheikha Moza Al-Misnad “Education is the key to any major Development” (Qatar Foundation). Through her guidance Qatar Foundation was established. It started from Qatar Academy in 1996. Due to the support of her highness women now could go to college. She opened Virginia Commonwealth University; it was the first university in Education city, which was only for girls.

H.H. Sheikha Moza was and is an inspiration for every successful woman. Before she established QF , women’s only choice would be Qatar University, the education there was not of a high standard.

Due to strong cultural beliefs many Qatari families have very conventional thinking; they believe that girls shouldn’t be educated in the same institution as men. Due to this H.H Sheikha Moza paid great attention to Qatar university...