Women's suffrage in Australia. A speech: why should suffragettes be given the power to vote?

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Welcome everyone to this meeting of The Women's Suffrage League to discuss the reasons on why it is essential that women be given the power to vote.

Firstly, ask yourselves: Are women citizens?

Does the law concern them?

Do women benefit from being represented by men?

And do you believe that women are inferior to men?

Yes, women are citizens. But only when they are required to pay taxes. Not if they ask to vote.

And yes, the law does concern women. But only when they are required to obey it. Not if they ask to have a voice in the representation of the country.

And why shouldn't they have a voice? A woman contributes to her community life and to her family life. Why should politics be any different?

Because apparently, men believe that "...The suggestion that women are equal to men is absurd. They are inferior mentally as well as physically."

With a comment like that, ladies and gentlemen, I'm sure that all the women in the room feel they benefit from being represented by men.

Like the men who believe that by giving us the power to vote, we will neglect our household duties. Like the men who think that we will become bad mothers to the future lawmakers of this country because we are too selfish, too emotional and too weak. Are we intellectually incapable of decision-making and of judgement? Do we lack political vision? No, we do not!

There are public affairs of which we are concerned in every day: equal justice to men and women, and the laws that govern our school and protect our homes.

There are decisions that we must face every day about our occupations, about our family issues and the sacrifices we make for our children, every day as part...