Women's Trifles Solve Mystery

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Women's Trifles Solve Mystery Susan Glaspell's play Trifles (1163-74) is a one act play about the murder investigation of an unseen character named John Wright. Minnie Wright, who is Mr. Wright's wife, is a suspect in the murder. The play takes place at the Wright's house, however the only part of the house seen on stage is the kitchen. Throughout the whole play, George Henderson, the county attorney; Henry Peters, the sheriff; and Lewis Hale, a neighboring farmer, spend their time at the house looking for evidence that will prove Mrs. Wright's guilt or innocence. While the men are looking through the house the women, Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale are downstairs in the kitchen gathering things to take to Mrs. Wright while she is in jail. The women and the men both would like to know if Mrs. Wright committed the murder, and if she did then what her motive was.

The men search and search for clues that will help them solve the case, but they overlook all of the evidence. The men's condescending attitude towards the women and what they think is important causes them to overlook all of the clues that point out Mrs. Wright as the murderer. The women in the play are able to solve the case because they are able to look at things from a female point of view, and because they do pay attention to the small things in life that the men see as Trifles.

The men's condescending attitude toward the women shows that the men do not appreciate the little things in life that the women do appreciate. Throughout the whole play the men are very condescending toward the women. They laugh when they find out Mrs. Wright asks for her apron to be brought to her in...