Women in Society

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Women in all careers are striving to gain equality in

the work force today, and female television news anchors

are definitely part of the fight. The road to television

news anchoring is a rocky one, where only a few women

survive and many fail. Where progress was once thought

to have been made, there aren't many females getting ahead

in the world of television news. Today, there is a very

slow, if any, gain in the numbers of women who succeed.

There are many questions surrounding the subject of

women in television news, and I will attempt to answer

relevant ones in this paper. How have the women that

actually make it to the top and succeed as anchorwomen,

done it? What does it take to make it? Why do those few

endure it/enjoy it? Why has it been and still is

difficult for women? What are the expectations of women

in the field, as opposed to the expectations of men?

I am interested in this topic because I once aspired

to become a television broadcaster.

I still have

inspiration in me, but not quite as much due to the

negative and discouraging aspects I have heard about in

classes and in the media. I am not sure that I could be

happy in a career such as this, and I know there are great

difficulties in 'making it' in this profession. I have

read about the incredible ambition of successful females

in television news, and it seems like it takes a special

kind of passion to want to keep up in the business.

I kept my questions in mind when gathering research

material. While focusing on the key questions, I was able

to find information that led me to form answers to them.

Christine Craft's biography told of her...