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Dear Editor, I am writing this letter in reference to the article I read in the September 2nd, 2002 issue of Sports Illustrated titled Hot Wheels. After reading the article I feel that I still have some questions that were unanswered about Danica Patrick and her Auto Racing Career. For some reason I was puzzled after reading this article because I feel that the point of the article was about a girl who is trying to become a professional race car driver, and get to the Indy 500. I do not know to much about the sport itself, but in the article it never stated if there was ever a professional race car driver that was a woman. I feel that it is great to see a young woman interested in what seems to be a sport primarily run by the men in today's society. Do you think that Danica Patrick will ever make it to the Indy 500? I feel that would be a great accomplishment for woman kind, and it will also prove to society that a woman can do something just as good as a man.

I feel that racing a car professionally is an extremely hard thing to do and if Danica feels she could accomplish her goal in getting to the Indy 500 she would be looked at as a hero. This situation may open people's eyes and turn some heads because if this girl can do it then why can't other girls do it. And if more women get involved with auto racing throughout the years then maybe it will be fully accepted by everyone in society.