Women versus men's difference.

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Women versus men's difference

In life, in general we unconsciously play the roles we view ourselves as male or female and we tend to play the role that others expect us from the time that we were children. I remember my parents were expecting me as a boy, because they had two daughters already and they really wanted a boy. So I acted less girlish. Then as I grew up, I realized my role as a lady, I should act more feminine. Then I was unaware of how I changed my behavior. In class, we explored the issue of men and women through reading Wollstonecraft, Ehrlich, Teen's essays. What make women distinguished from men can be explained by the causes in society, media, power structures and that women and men play specific roles in society

Wollstonecraft says with men in a position of power, the men create weak women.

Women are required to be sensitive, to use soft tones, to be delicate by men. All of these are almost "synonymous" with weakness. But sensibility, softness, delicacy are not bad things. They are some of the features that make women distinguishable from men. And these make the world richer and more interesting. The bad things are women give up their strength of mind and body for them. For example, in order to look pretty, some women eat too little to keep slim, some women spend too much money on make up and too much time to remove their unwanted hair. To sum up, they sacrifice their strength for beauty. These phenomenon are also the result of the commercials on TV and ads in magazines and the concepts society imposing on women. Women's beauty is essential. In contrast, Men's essential quality is ability.

Goodman tells the story about "The Company Man"...