What Women Want

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What Women Want Most males will state that they wish they could understand what women want, that they would do anything to understand what goes on inside of the female mind. Well I for one, think that it is about time to clue men into the female psyche. This is why I have decided to write this essay and dedicate it to men. Hopefully this piece of writing will better help men understand why women do the crazy things they do. Different topics will be covered; such as, why women have trouble saying what they mean, how to deal with women during there time of the month and different insecurities women have and how to deal with them.

From what I understand, men have the most trouble understanding why women just don't come straight out and say exactly what we mean. Women have trouble being direct; we aren't evolved to do that.

Women want to hear it from you, we may prompt it, but we want the actual words to come from your mouth. For example, you may hear your girlfriend ask you "Where is this relationship going?" What she is really saying is that she is scared that you may not be as interested in her as you once were, and that you might be looking into your other options. This is usually cause by the fact that you have stopped calling everyday and telling her how beautiful she is. She has become self-conscious around you and wants to make sure that she is the only girl for you. The best thing you can do in this situation is be honest. To a women being honest is the most important part in a relationship. I know that in my case, I would rather have my boyfriend tell...