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Women's role in art history, Europe and Middle East. Personal review of a website including source, look, content, and general opinion as well as a comparison of the women's roles then versus now.


This website is about women in the year 100 C.E. as written by Lyn Reese. She has a BA in history from Mount Holyoke College and masters in history from Stanford University. She also completed a year of course work in social studies methodology at UC Berkeley. She began researching women's history in the early 70's and went on to publish many writings on the subject. She is qualified on the subject both through education and extensive travel. Lyn shares her knowledge through writings and seminars and after so many years of experience, I feel her work is credible.

I am very interested in knowing what life was like for women in the past. Women's rights have come a long way but we still struggle for equality among men in todays society.

Generally, women are more liberal in some parts of the world and more oppressed in others. It is as if some of these societies never advanced in many respects. This website introduces four periods and the roles women played in them. I chose to focus on the two I found most contradictory to each other: the era of Christian Europe and the World of Islam.

During the era of Christian Europe, life was very disruptive. Chivalry did not exist. It was not uncommon to have women, elderly, or children killed whether innocent or not for whatever reason. It was thought that women were more seduced by the devil and it was commonly said,

"No woman is good, unless she be a saint".

Thoughts like this forced women to cover themselves in shame. This...