Women in WWII.

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Women in World War II took on many different roles. The war widen roles for women both in America as well as overseas serving their country. In 1939 the depression was still fresh in the minds of everyone. Nearly a third of all Americans had been out of work in 1933, but now the war required everyone to contribute to the war cause. Soldiers in Europe and the Far East were the ones fighting the war, but in America sacrifices were being made by all to support the troops. With the great number of young men shipping off to war the need for laborers had to be filled by women. The impact that women had at home and in the theaters of war were instrumental in the overall success of America during World War II.

Taking care of the children has always been viewed as a woman's responsibility. During World War II it was no different, but working out of the home was a duty that many women gladly took on in order to help the war cause.

In an interview with her grandma Kathy O'Grady writes, "What did you do in the war, Grandma? Well I went to work in a woolen mill. When the war started they needed wool very badly so this was considered a service job." Women took to all kids of jobs from making clothing to welding and


Going to work was only one great change that women experienced during World War II. Since supplies were low and the great number of supplies had to be sent off to maintain the soldiers, rationing took a toll on everyone back home. Raising six children alone was no easy task, and rationing just added an extra burden to many women. "My father was a avid...