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The Struggle For Women's Rights

Women not having the right to vote after everything they had contributed in World War 1. Since the start of the war, all women still do not have the right to vote, even after they had made a huge contribution to the war effort both at home and at the front line. They would help wounded soldiers to replacing the jobs of men as they fought in the war.

Most women worked in factories to produce supplies in the war, they also worked the fields, planting, harvesting,

they also drove ambulances, served as nurses, which were previously considered a man's job. They also helped out with Red Cross work, knitting mitts, caps, scarves, socks, rolling bandages and anything else they could do that would help their soldiers. After the war many people looked at the role of women differently but it still wasn't enough to allow all of them to vote.

Many people believe that it is the right decision to allow all women to vote after everything they had done to support their country and their troops.

Although in 1917 the law was changed to only the mothers sisters and the wives of the soldier who were out to war were allowed to vote however, Aboriginal or Asian people there was no exception. Many of the other women who weren't either a mother sister or wife of a soldier believe this was wrong, and thought all women should have the right to vote.

Although most men did not wish for women to have the right to vote, the women believed because of their huge contribution to the war effort, that it was right to share in making a decision

for their country.