Womens Rights During Renasnce

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During the Renaissance the status of women was very low they had no choices and were ruled by men which was saw as the dominant sex. School was barely an option unless you came from a royal family if you didn't you were basically taught how to maintain a house and to obey your husband because of the fear of girls wasting there time writing love letters. As for the balance of power, men held that.

From Childhood girls were taught that men were better and that women were the only imperfection in God's creation. As girls got older their freedom diminished at the young age of 14 they were married and had at least one child. Their husband ruled them like king to his subjects. And any display of independence was not allowed either. Women were seen as property of their husband. He could do anything he wanted to her.

" Women is a light thing and vain"¦if you have women in your house keep them shut up and return home very often and keep them in fear and trembling." (Florentine Merchant). Actually it is believed that the main reason people got married was so that the women could produce boys to take over husbands dynasty. In many cases women and babies died during the birth due to complications and lack of medicine. If she did survive she was in most cases physically scared for life. As far as the law went women had nothing to ensure their safety. Men owned their wives and could beat them in fact it was encouraged.