Womens Suffrage

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In the Declaration of Independence it states that all men are created equal yet women are not included and denied that right. Through out history women have been seen as inferior and of lower statues then men. It can be seen from the past that women have gathered together and made different support groups so that they would have equal rights. They wanted a just society where there would be no separation. Women in the United States demanded for voting rights and thus the suffrage movement was created.

The idea of women rights first arouse during the Seneca Falls convention in July of 1848. The two most active women were Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. During the civil war Elizabeth and Susan were in dilemma weather to stop these meetings or to continue. Elizabeth Cady Stanton believed that, "it was a detour but also a chance for women to prove their worth as citizens.

The war to "preserve the Union" would become, she thought, to end slavery. The women's rights activists, many of whom had strong abolitionist backgrounds, would involve themselves in the Union cause, and contributions as citizens would make it clear that they are entitled to the vote." Susan B. Anthony thought otherwise she believed that, "if women for whatever reason, stopped pressing their claim, their claim would be ignored. Women would get the vote, Anthony believed, only if they continued to demand it. Other women went along with Stanton's view and the Albany women's rights convention of February 1861 was the last one for a while and instead women were preoccupied with aiding the Union.

Furthermore, at the end of the civil war women still demanded equal rights. The suffragists were more upset with the passing of the Fourteenth Amendment that states that all male...