The Wonderful World Of Kemet

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Sailing across the Mediterranean on my way to Sicily, my father¡¯s crew and I encountered horrendous weather. We run into turbulent waters because of the ferocious storms approaching us, and all of a sudden we find our self in the mist of a horrifying thunderstorm. The wind was howling, the strong air current forced us to switch directions; we were heading towards the land of the African people. We knew about the land but the Greeks have never set forth upon the land of Africa; we knew it was a civilization different from our own much more savage-like and unsophisticated.

Days later we wash up on to the shores of Kemet, stunned by what we saw before us. We the people of Greece were thought to be one of the darkest races around because of our olive complexion and dark features; but we stood before a race so rich in color with such distinguished facial characteristics.

We spoke to them, but they spoke a language to us that we were unheard of. Luckily, we found a Greek archeologist who could translate what the Kemites were saying to us. The Greek archeologist was studying the life of the people and the society that they lived in; and was soon going to depart and take what he has learned back to Greece. Now with the help of my fathers crew and I, he can return to Greece even sooner.

The experience was so incredible, it was a chance of a lifetime, and I got to take part in it, I was very excited. Our discoveries were shocking to us; we thought that they would be living a savage life, when in fact it was extremely civilized and luxurious. The land of Kemet had cities, roads, temples, pyramids, and knowledge that were ahead of many societies during this time. Their civilization was a gift from the Nile. The Nile is the largest river in the world, and it was extremely special because it flowed from South to North; because of this Lower Kemet was in reality North and Upper Kemet was South. Menes unified the two regions of Kemet, thus giving us the name Memphis for Kemet¡¯s first capital. Memphis was the location of the administrative and religious power of Kemet, and was the home of the King of Kemet.

The people of Kemet, imported resources from the land of Kush; they imported gold, ebony, ivory, feathers, spices, incense, and animal skins. Those items were what made Kemet so rich and illustrious. They treated their royalty like gods; they wore the best fabrics, gold and jewels around.

This civilization called Kemet, was truly amazing, I am so fortunate to be able to learn their culture and languages, and share this with the people of my homeland. I plan to write a book and send it to them, but I will not be returning to Greece with my father¡¯s crew and the archeologist. I will be staying in Kemet unraveling all the mysteries and learning the knowledge of the people and loving the life of the Nile valley.