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Thomas and His Dream Talking Cat.

It started out as any other ordinary day. Thomas was waking up bright and early for school, which he awfully dreaded, but it was the last day of his junior year at MacKinnon Rel High School. As his alarm clock went off, it started playing a catchy tune that was very fitting for the mood "Schools out for the summer!" sang Thomas as he casually danced over to the kitchen to make him some breakfast. In the middle of making his infamous chicken, egg, and bacon omelet, out popped up his ferocious little feline Tazzy from below that was now on top of the counter pacing back and forth. Tazzy has been by his side since his freshman year, she was a birthday gift from an old neighbor. He told Thomas that she wasn't any ordinary kitten, she was special and that one day he'll see what he means.

"Hey Tazzy" said Thomas as he rubbed his hands through her fluffy golden fur, and in response she purred and with a squeaky little voice said "Hey there pal." Thomas jumped back in complete shock while the omelet on his plate that he was holding went flying into the air, only to land right on Tazzy's head, "Hey that wasn't very nice! You got food all in my fur" said Tazzy angrily. Thomas's eyes widen as his jaw dropped and stood there in the middle of the kitchen flabbergasted as he tried to make out the words that he was thinking in his head, "You----You---You can talk?!" said Thomas excitedly. Tazzy grinned and jokingly said "of course I can talk, all cats can talk," She jumped off the counter and out the window into the backyard and dashed over to the dusty old...