Wonders of the Invisible World

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Wonders of the Invisible World

Everybody whether your black, white, Indian, Jewish, German, Portugese excreta, Goes though a time in there lives when they Discover themselves, who they really are, and where they belong. This process begins for most people in their teen years. Finding your identity involves, making decisions, making mistakes, Taking chances, and finally growing up. This is particularly more difficult for a mixed race child. A child of mixed race will always be challenged to understand his/her identity, However it is much more challenging if the child goes though a life changing experience, such as a family separation.

Caucasia is an impressive, haunting, and sincere novel about power, race and identity. Many important issues are written about in this book, such as : Discrimination , love conflicts, family issues and so on. Intelligent Danzy Senna Uses Birdie Lee - the main Character to play a role of someone who struggles to become a somebody, and also to present the issues an average mixed family.

Throughout the whole book Birdie feels like a nobody, and doesn't know where she belongs. Bridie and her family begin off decent- even though everyone is so different. First there was Birdie, who was very much like her New England mother. Light skin Straight hair. And then there was Cole, who was Much like her Radical Intellectual Black father- Dark skin, course hair. Despite the fact that everybody was so different, they managed to stick together for a while. Which was not an easy thing to do. Eventually due to Black power-Politics and other similar issues, Birdies Parents Split up. Which then lead to The sisters dividing as well. After this change in Birdies family, things went down hill for her, and it seemed like she Started to think about much...