Wooden Statue

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I always waited for my birthday to come, so I could be showered in gifts

It's the time my family members become spendthrifts

I always loved presents, until that dark and dreary day

Where I acquired a wooden statue, its eyes were made of clay

I thought what a curious thing. Could this be the card?

Where was the parcel, the wrapping and the bow, all this thinking left me scarred!

Could this be it, what a moronic token?

Such dodgy craftsmanship goes unspoken

Quickly but surely I cast the beast aside

Secrecy was the key or my uncle would be mortified

After the party my patience wore thin

A sat and stared at its rugged skin

It stood there and mocked my every move

I could not discard it my parents would surely disprove

I set it on the shelf, for it was spoiling my mood

How could he give me something so disgusting and crude?

Its brown splintery tongue protruded, like a teasing child

I looked at its poorly painted eyes, outraged but beguiled, BEGUILED!

With a sudden surge of strength I cast a stone at it

It deserved to be thrown into a blazing firey pit

With a shake and a leap it feel from its taunting state

With a joyful cry I enjoyed its terminal fate

Inside, a shiny gold inscription read 1438

AN ANTIQUITY! I bellowed in an angry frenzy

Even in death this accursed object scorns me