Woodrow Wilson VERSE Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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QUESTIONS FROM INSTRUCTOR: During the first half of the twentieth century, two major global conflicts shattered the country's notions of peace and stability, prompting the United States to send money, munitions, and troops overseas. For this essay, consider the ways in which Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt approached foreign war.

First, what is the background of these two presidents? Who were they (personality/education/family etc.)? What were their political ideologies? (A better essay should include any political and military experience they had as well as their personal views of war)

Second, concerning each of their respective world wars, what were their public stances before the United States entered the war? (specifically, what political position(s) did each of these US presidents take before the US declared war and why) Why did they eventually commit to U.S. involvement/declare war? In what ways did they attempt to mobilize domestic support, and how successful were these efforts? You need to discuss at least two specific examples each for their reasons to commit US troops as well as for their mobilization efforts (4 total for each President's approach).

Last, in your opinion, who was the more successful wartime leader and why? Who conducted America's role better and orchestrated the war to its conclusion with greater acumen? (Think carefully about your answer--focus on the leader and his actions/policies overall rather than the specific outcome of the wars themselves to determine who you think was most proficient during America's time of war).


Thomas Woodrow Wilson was the twenty-eighth president of the United States from 1913 to 1921, whom endorsed significant reform legislation and led the United States during World War I. He was a political novice who had held only one public office before becoming president, and he possessed great political skill. He was a...