in the woods

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Awoken by a loud thunderous raw from the woods I instantly realised to my despair that I was not fishing anymore with my son and that he was not by my side. It felt like my heart was being torn out of my body and thrown into space. My body started shaking in disbelief as if I was in the middle of an earthquake. I tried to get up and look around for him but I soon realised I was tied to broken and unused pipe of which I presume led to the sewers with a thick rough rope. My right arm was numb yet I couldn't see why as my eye sight was very blurred. Carefully I feel my arm and came across a warm sharp sort of syringe that had been pierced and jammed into my frail skin. The thought of that syringe being used to take my blood made me fell dazed and nauseated.

In a rush but also trying to be as quiet as possible I attempted to tear the rope and release myself from this horror film like a pack of wolves after catching their dinner. Whilst I was trying to break free and since my eyes sight had not improved I began to instinctively smell around. The scent of aqueous bark and damp trees overpowered my nose not being able to smell anything else. Maybe this could suggest I am still at the pond where I was fishing however long ago it was. Finally I managed to force the ropes off to release my arms. Unfortunately, they left red marks over all my wrists that I think will scar forever. As my eye sight began to improve I noticed a thick crimson red trail across the floor from where I was sitting leading to...