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I guess this is the first time I am telling my life story to another one, in all honesty it fells weird but I guess this is something I am obligated to do. A name is something I prefer not to have, most that have seen me call me The forbidden son, for my mother and father where to never conceive a child let alone let one live; They were too keep a distance because their own father was not found of the relationship they wanted but that is a story for another day, for now you may address me by my former name Archelius. As a child I was left for dead at the base of a mount, the young woman and gentlemen who picked me up and took me in as their own child was just suffering from their infant boy's death when they came to the mount to pray to the gods of their land.

The ones that took me in named me Archelius after their dead son, they assumed they were blessed with me by the Gods but little did they know I was born from Apollo; God of archery, light, and Craft and Athena; the Goddess of war and wisdom. To most this would be a good thing but in all honesty they could not have been more cursed with the mistake they have made.

As a youngling I was put into Iolcos best military school for my parents wanted a warrior for a son and as me appreciating what they have done for me I did whatever they told me to do. Though they never told me about my past I have never question them and they have always had my undying loyalty and love as a son but needless to say I was...