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Practice Test

Chapter 1 Study GuideCorrect answers in GREEN. Your answers in BLUE. Review Page

1. Character formatting includes ________ .A: alignment B: indentation C: embossing D: spacing above lines WD31

2. To underline a word, select the text and click the ________ button on the ________ toolbar.A: Underline Standard B: Underline, Drawing C: Underline, Formatting D: Underline, Picture WD42

3. To minimize the risk of injury to your wrists, use the ________ to scroll if your fingers are already on the keyboard.A: mouse B: keyboard keys C: mouse wheel D: scroll box WD25

4. The ________ feature in Word allows you to type continually without pressing the ENTER key at the end of each line.A: Textwrap B: Overtype C: Wordwrap D: Click and type WD22

5. To display different portions of your document in the document window, use the ________ .A: insertion point B: status bar C: rulers D: scroll bars WD11

6. To print a document, click the Print button on the ________ .A: Formatting toolbar B: File menu C: Picture toolbar D: Standard toolbar WD53

7. If your screen normally displays dark letters on a light background, selected text will display ________ .A: light letters on a dark background B: dark letters on a darker background C: dark letters on a light background D: none of the above WD33

8. To scroll upward in a document, ________ .A: drag the scroll box down B: drag the scroll box up C: double-click the scroll bar D: type UP WD24

9. Font size is determined by a measurement system called ________ .A: inches B: rulers C: points D: centimeters WD16

10. To hide spelling errors until you are ready to check the document, right-click the Spelling and Grammar status icon the click ________ .A: Hide Grammatical...