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Words to Live By Imagine that someone is closely observing the actions of another. Let us call this "another" Bob. Bob goes on his life doing his daily activities and this "someone" is watching their daily moves. This "someone" learns his decision making based on what Bob does. A quote seems to come to mind when I see this " Life your life as if you were someone else's only role model." I found this quote on a calendar with daily quotes on them in my sophomore year. This quote means to live life as a role model and make good decisions so that one will not regret what they did in the past. The quote can relate to many situations that one faces in daily life such as sports and school.

This quote can apply to sports and preferably my favorite, football. This quote can be applied in football because when playing the game of football, there are many decisions one has to make in practice, games, and also out of practice.

During the season and the off season, athletes are disqualified if they get caught with illegal substances and police-related crimes. They need to set an example to peers and as an athlete be a role model. Also, athletes must set an example to other athletes. In mostly football, there comes a time in an athlete's life to decide if one will take strength enhancing drugs to be a better player. When you decide this, one must consider the fact that, other players are looking up to you, it will eventually harm your body, and if caught you face the consequences of not playing at all.

This quote also applies during practice and games. One has to set an example in front of his/her teammates. In game...