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'Words are all we have' - Samuel Beckett 'A word is in its own a system of meaning' - Ted Hughes 'Words, words, words' -Shakespeare's Hamlet With the quotations above in mind, discuss the beauty, richness and power of words in the world of great English Literature.

------------------------------------------------- Within and without the realm of paper and ink, lies the orchestra of the human mind - words. Words spoken and written are units that build up a universe of facts and truths. Through words we learn of the complexity of the human mind, such is the divinity of words. As indescribable as human nature and feelings are, the world's most loved wordsmiths like Shakespeare, John Keats, Milton and Byron had all left indelible marks in the world of expression that which so precisely describe the human forms and feelings in the most acute senses. Words have somehow managed to do that.

Words possess the uncontested ability to influence the realms of writers and listeners. Words, written or spoken, when forged with the heart and mind of a wordsmith invoke the widest range of emotions amongst other instruments of communication.

The beauty of word play lies in that it can express same or differing meanings, when either spoken or written. The depth of a piece of writing is perpetuated when it is being read. As such, the combination of words has an imperative effect on the listener such as in prose and poems. Words when stringed together not only form a more in depth meaning and message but it forms a short musical piece. The rhyming scheme for example gives specific syllabic stresses and intonations. The reader would therefore read the lines in a seemingly melodious manner.

One poet who has exploited the melody of words in the most...