Wordsworth, Chris McCandless and Nature

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Nature is the universe, with all its phenomena, the elements of the natural world. In society there are those individuals that have an intense connection with nature. William Wordsworth, a romanticist, pantheist and transcendentalist believed that the natural world was an emblem of god or the divine and his poetry often celebrates the beauty and spiritual values of the natural world. Chris McCandless believed that nature was the essence of freedom.

Tintern Abbey portrays the beauty, emotion and complex yet simple life around us, it displays a sense of wonder. It takes on these traits by the words used to describe the setting. Tintern Abbey is composed in blank verse, which is a name used to describe unrhymed lines in iambic pentameter. Its style is therefore very fluid and natural; it reads as easily as if it were a prose piece. Occasionally, divided lines are used to indicate a kind of paragraph break, when the poet changes subjects or shifts the focus of his discourse.

He goes on to say up to line 48, that he owes something to the world. Maybe it be the graciousness for the beauty, or maybe the thankfulness of the creatures that walk the earth, maybe it be the pleasure of good deeds carried out amongst man. For all of these, he is in a serene blessed mood. "In which the affections gently lead us on, until the breath of this corporeal frame and even the motion of our human blood almost suspended, we are laid asleep in body, and become a living soul…" , he says we all will die, but he enlightens the mood by saying we become living souls. Souls amongst the earth, in harmony and with power for they have lived the life and are now free to see into...