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Is a medical profession that base it's treatment on philosophical system of

mechanical therapeutics disease to vertebral subluxation, it treats disease with

manipulation of the vertebral in order to release pressure on the nerves at the inter-

vertebral forama. It enables impulses to flow freely from the brain to all parts of the body.

It also uses orthodox methods of medical management.

It's duties include screening and evaluation of it's clients, providing treatment to

clients, re-evaluation of clients, and discharge. Other are provide recommendation to

clients and insurance, documentation of treatment, billing for services provided to clients,

educating clients and family, participate in research and publications.

Chiropractic professionals are obliged to be clean, appear in professional dress,

suit and well groom. It is important for them to leave and come to work on time. The level

of responsibility varies from company to position, from secretary to Aides and directors.

The professionals need to be of good attitudes to clients and others they are in contact

with in order to attract clients. They should have the ability to follow visual, oral and

written instruction in order to provide good treatment to clients. They must keep

working, working, a little bit of this and little bit of that, and maintains continuity . they

have a lot of organizational skills. They have to maintain proper account, proper billing

records, maintains good documentation according to the profession, applies various

scientific knowledge into play in their job and modify their style when ever necessary.

They must have attention span in order to put with non co-operative clients. The level of

education among professionals varies from Aides to chiropractic doctors.

The chiropractic practictionals have great deals of independence and this varies

from company to individuals in the profession. They have right to make concession ,