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ENGLISH COMPOSITION I Essay # 5 Work and Play I remember my early high school days as some of the toughest of my life. My being in a boarding school was not as easy as I had anticipated. After the school, part of our extra curricular duty was to spend five hours a week doing a chosen school chore. I chose the horseback riding club to spend those five hours, because I always liked horses.

On the first day we were introduced to the riding instructor who familiarized us with the club and its functions. At first it seemed quite interesting and fun to work, but as time passed I realized that it was not that interesting as I had thought. Slowly and gradually I was given the tough work. Cleaning the stables and polishing the saddles was the worst part. The instructor was tough and fastidious. Because of this I always waited for my time to leave.

As I was not satisfied with the work I was doing, I remained in the dilemma of choosing some other activity for the rest of the term. I had my options open but somewhere in my mind I thought that I might be able to learn some riding lessons after work. The hope of getting lessons kept me from leaving the club. After all there was light at the end of the tunnel.

After realizing the opportunity I had, my diligence in the work increased. I did my best in every job I was given at the work, and this time I felt good about it. I had started looking forward to every weekend on which I had to work. My instructor had started trusting me and at times he let me ride the horses while coming to the stables after the riding classes.

As the term approached its end, I showed much greater interest in my work than I ever did. The instructor was pleased with the performance of the class and announced that those who pass the class in the top tens will get riding lessons next term. This time I was more than happy, for now I had a chance to do my best in the work I liked most to get the reward I wanted to the greatest extent. For the same reason I worked with perseverance to memorize what all was taught. When the time came to show my abilities, I did my best and to my astonishment I topped the class.

As the new term began, I was again welcomed to the riding club. This time I was much motivated and interested. The lessons were tough and the horses were intractable. But as I advanced to the upper levels everything became easy. Through this context I discovered that to me work is something I do unwillingly or I assume that it is going to be interesting but it turns out to be contrary.

On the other hand I understood the concept of play, which is the kind of work that makes me feel good and is interesting while doing. It all depends on how a person perceives his work. If the work is interesting and according to his/her previous assumptions then it transforms into play. Contrarily if the work is arduous and not in accordance with one's anticipation then it remains as a work while that person dreads doing it.