Work of an Artist

Essay by jcarlos11 November 2014

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Jonathan Carlos

Intro to Humanities

Cleophas Kukeya

February 2, 2014

Work of the Artist

In the definition that we received of what an artist is I don't believe that I in any way could be considered an artist. Now do I believe that I posse some of the same qualities I do believe that. I am able to play two instruments the trumpet and violin because I took classes and learned it and got to be pretty decent in both instruments.

But when I think of an artist I think of my mother who is a well known artist from Mexico and even now her art is getting recognized not only here in San Antonio but in Chicago and Miami. The time and work that she puts in to her paintings is impressive. Going the process of creating it an idea then putting it on canvas and the time each step of the painting for it to come together and show the expression of her creation takes true talent to do witch not many people are blessed with.

Now with some of the qualities that I believe that I poses that are the same as an artist are does in the creativity department. Especially with 3-D figures and I credit that to my dyslexia many people think that being dyslexic means that the person is dumb. But this couldn't be the furthest thing from the truth. Many artiest and actors have come out to being dyslexic and the biggest thing that people are impressed is that dyslexic people use more of the right side of the brain witch is the more creativity side.

I believe that I am in the three-fold of creativity but it's not fully developed just yet. Just like the article said its a trait that is...