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Ralph: In the book Lord of the Flies, Ralph is the chief on the island. Ralph was chosen as the chief through a vote, "I'm chief then."(Golding 19) Through a vote Ralph was chosen as the chief of their little tribe, now he had control over everyone in the tribe. Through the novel he becomes friends with Piggy. Ralph and him become really good friends and together they help each other to make the island a better place for everyone. He also sort of becomes friends with Jack, but that friendship doesn't last due to certain circumstances. In the book it does not specifically tell you how old he is but all it says is that he's a teen so I am guessing he is around 13-16. He lives in Britain, but is sent to military school, so he mainly lives in the boarding school until he is sent home in the summer.

On the island Ralph values his friendship with Piggy and loyalty from the other tribe members. He wants the tribe members to listen to what he says and follow his orders exactly as he gives them out. Ralph's obsession is over the fire they made. He always wants it lit so that ships or planes that pass by will see the smoke and come and save them. Ralph's main goal is to keep the fire going so that they can all be rescued. Later on in the book he has a new goal of staying alive long enough so that he could get rescued. I admire Ralph's leadership skills. He finds out what is the most important thing to do and does it. He demands respect from everyone around him and everyone shows him their respect for him.


In the tribe Piggy has no...