Work Dilemma

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Work Dilemma

What can a manager do with a non-desirable subordinate? Those within the management ranks have faced this issue multiple times and perhaps always will. There is no perfect human being, though we wish there were the perfect specimen. I have dealt with these issues many times within my career. These situations set challenges for us and since every situation is different.

I work for American Axle & Manufacturing, Inc. I transferred from the Detroit, Michigan location to the Three Rivers, Michigan location in April 2002. I was reassigned to this site because of the expertise and knowledge I have in the producing and manufacturing of rear axles.

My dilemma began in February of 2004. I was asked to become a Production Coordinator on the second shift, I willfully obliged. I am the type that can turn a ship around and right its course. The task at hand was to be a great challenge.

I was offered sole ownership of running a plant on second shift that houses 70 hourly workers and three supervisors.

My dilemma is managing a crew of supervisors that were under performing for more than a year and a half. The question, why did it take so long to address the issues? I often spoke up regarding the supervisors' shortcomings, but to no avail, the issues did not get addressed. We had a change of managerial positions and my superiors had seen what has been going on from the inception of the second shift.

As I started out on my journey, I had to define the problem and repair the situation. Under performing was the problem at hand. I had to watch and observe and be objective to all of the surroundings and situations that lie before me. I did this for a 30-day period.