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It is a hot day in July, I am mowing a lawn I feel the irritating itch of dry mowed grass stuck to my sweating skin down my back and my neck. I am stretched to the end of my rubber band I can?t take any more I want to go home take a nice cold shower and watch TV, but then I think I will stay and finish my work and then that nice cold shower will feel even better and plus I won?t be cheating my boss out of money so I can sleep at night with a clear conscious.

As I look at the world today I see people not working the way they used to, I see people doing the least they can do to keep their job, Is that how people worked when this country was founded? NO it was not people went out and worked as hard as they could a lot of the time not even getting paid to help others and to help build the unified strong nation we are today.

Today people are given to much, they don?t even have to work for most of what they get when they are younger so now we have people not working hard instead they are getting every thing on credit and going thousands of dollars into debt, this is how nations fall we, we are not working hard any more this nations alone is billions of dollars in debt.

We need to get Americas young people to take jobs they do seriously and have good work ethics because they are the future of this country, they are the future presidents, senators, representatives, and businessmen of this country.

The way things are going now is someone will get a job and quit it...