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When we got a notice from our tutors saying that some people hadn't got a placement for their work experience. I instantly knew that I was one of the unlucky ones, and images of Safeway's and Woolworth's came flooding into my head. I was later informed that the best Trident could offer me was hard physical labour, or coffee making. So in an act of desperation my father persuaded me that working for his air-conditioning company in an office would be an exciting, and educational way to spend my week.

How wrong could I be! Work began at 9:00 am sharp on Monday morning, but being my first day my dad insisted on being there early to give a good first impression. How kind! In the office I was met by a warm, friendly looking woman, and I thought to myself that this week wouldn't be so bad after all.

Wrong again! She had just popped down to say hello and pass me onto the facilities manager who was a short, ginger man with thick glasses, who only had a few teeth here and there, and as a result projected little balls of saliva in my direction when ever he talked. Lovely! John took me on a tour of the building, including the very cold and wet roof to show me the air-conditioning units. Once we were in from the storm I was given a very brief talk on the health and safety procedures: "If you hear the fire alarms going off, leg it to the nearest door." At this a laughed and hoped he was just joking. John then went on to tell me that the company was part of a large organisation that makes military planes, and warned me that the building might be hit by an...