The Work of Joy.

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The Work of Joy

As a junior in high school, I have always thought that choosing the right college was the most serious decision to make, because it will play an important role in my future success. However, I now realize that picking the right major is even more crucial, for it determines what I will be doing for decades after I graduate from college. During my job search, I came across the term "community pharmacist", who is a trained professional "[...] responsible for safely and efficiently dispensing prescription medications, advising patients on proper prescription and "over the counter" nonprescription medications use, and keeping records of patients and their health, illnesses and medications" ("Careers in Pharmacy" 1). Upon examining the criteria I have for an ideal career - educational requirements, working experience, salary, and convenience; and serious consideration of my own strengths, weaknesses, and field of interests, I decided that community pharmacist is the perfect job for me.

I find a community pharmacist to be a desirable job not only because I know I will like the working experience, but also because I am sure that I will enjoy the process of becoming one. "A pharmacist needs to understand the activity of a drug and how it works within the body" ("Becoming a Pharmacist: Career Opportunities for Pharmacists" 1), thus the education she receives in college is more math and science based. A two-year pre-pharmacy education is required before a student can apply to a college of pharmacy to earn her Doctor of Pharmacy degree. While many students feel annoyed or even intimidated by math and science, I find myself enjoying these courses immensely. I remember last year when I was still deciding my junior year schedule, many of my friends tried to dissuade me from taking Chemistry Honors. Despite...