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Throughout the years, the "role" of work has shown a significant change. It is obvious that we are living in a period that business is becoming more and more global, thus more competitive. Many people dedicate their life in their job, trying to make a successful carrier. Some have referred to work as an addiction (workaholic). The more time people spent on their work, the less amount of time they have for their private lives. That phenomenon had a very strong and effective impact in the United Kingdom. Men in the U.K work longer hours than any other country in Europe. Lately, both, E.U and U.K have been developing a policy to encourage better "work life balance" for the British and European workforce.

When we think of balance we often think of it as "work-life balance" but, perhaps it is more suitable to think of "life balance". Although work is a vital part of everybody's life, there are some other parts that should also be considered: family, personal development, entertainment, physical environment, health, finance, etc.

Work life balance is aiming in a sense of better quality in people's lives. A harmonic balance in people's lives will significantly affect their effectiveness and efficiency in the work environment in the short-term as well as in the long-term.

Work life balance is about adjusting properly the time between work and personal life. Work life balance gives the opportunity to people to maintain balance to their lives as well as attain their carrier goals. It is very important to understand that work life balance does not refers only to the company's obligations to the employee, but also redefines the responsibilities of the employees considering the organization's objectives. Most important relates to what individuals do for themselves.

On 8 July 2002 the UK government in...