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Cultural differences exist between countries and have wide influences on how they effect global HRM policies and practices within a global organization. The challenge exists in understanding the differences and ensuring that HRM policies are compatible with the cultural orientation of the international employees. In working in the global environment, having the knowledge of the impact of cultural differences is one of the keys to achieving success in the global marketplace. Improving the level of cultural awareness can help organizations to build their international competencies and enable employees to become more aware of the impact of culture to the business. Organizations with successful business culture have effective leadership and smart strategies. Developing the strategies begins with understanding the work philosophies of the employees in their respective countries. This paper will focus on the countries of Indonesia and Saudi Arabia and their work philosophies on women in the workforce, workweek, insurance, labor unions, and termination.

Indonesian work philosophiesCorporate culture in Indonesia is much different from culture in Western countries. The relationships among employees in Indonesia is a paternal one. The senior level employees look out for the welfare of lower level employees in return for loyalty. Along with this, the maintenance of the harmony of the office often takes precedence over work performance and productivity (Living in Indonesia, 2008).

In terms of women in the workforce, many women hold positions of authority within organizations despite the country being predominantly Muslim. Female employees are not likely to encounter any hostility from their male counterparts. Women managers, however, should conduct themselves in a very professional manner when in the company of their male colleagues. Overt signs of friendship could be misconstrued (World Business Culture, n.d.).

The workweek and working practices in Indonesia differ from Western countries. Business hours typically are from...