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Personal and Organizational Ethics

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Personal and Organizational Ethics

The reason the work was to be done at the office was because the information enclosed in the documents they were working on did not need to be seen by anyone other than the employees of the company. With the documents being completed at the employee's home, their family members could possibly see what was in the documents and if the information for some reason ever got out it could cause trouble for the company. Now day's information is protected under HIPPA regulations and it is very critical that anyone in the healthcare field follow the HIPPA laws. The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) states that, "The shift of medical records from paper to electronic formats has increased the potential for individuals to access, use, and disclose sensitive personal health data."

(Aulisio & Arnold, 2003) Although an employee has the rights to see the information that they are working on, the family members of those employees do not. This being the case, it is unethical for the family members to look at this information and the employee must make sure they do not leave it easily accessible.

Profession is a profession or a job which was implemented for the selfless concern and no salary. In my job and I realized I'm not interested in patient care, in fact as far as I am interested in working for others and play a bigger role management. Home that block me from living out my career is the fact that I do not have so far to the education necessary to be in management. I realized this when I was given some...