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This paper will focus on the observable aspects of a small company located in Long Island, New York. The company is a small, entrepreneurial organization which was founded a little over ten years ago. Its founder is a retired teacher who was frustrated with the lack of quality educational software and thus, began his own company. The company designs and publishes educational software marketed to schools and teachers to assist in the test creation process. The uniqueness of the company is demonstrated via its diverse employees and at times, unconventional business practices. This unconventionality can especially be seen with respect the flow of communication. Overall, this paper will focus on the ways in which communication flows, how conflicts are resolved, and the technology utilized.


The company is located in a small second floor office in a local municipality. Because of space and monetary restrictions, the office is confined to one large room.

This room has been subdivided but only into separate workspace areas; no formal construction has been done to enable workers to have their own space. Communication therefore is normally quite public and workers often hear conversations between upper level management and employees. The primary means of communication are both verbal conversation and email.

As noted, the workplace is unofficially divided into different areas; for example, the programmers have a specific corner in which they all sit, while shipping is resigned to the back of the office. However, many of the temporary summer staff that are brought in have limited choice as to seating. An example of the strain that summer employees place on the office follows. Each employee is responsible for notifying the office manager of his or her schedule. Many times the summer staff work either restricted hours or hours that vary due to...