Work Related Stress in India: Comparing the Public and Private Sector

Essay by faranjust4u July 2009

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Abstract:Stress at work is a global phenomenon. With organizations trying to achieve that extra to go one ahead of its competitors, its effects are seen on the employees. Stress has now become a common problem in organizations. There are many ill-effects of stress. It affects employees' personal lives as well as for the company's overall business. Stress is defined as "the adverse reaction on people who have to exercise excessive pressure or other types of demand placed on them". One has to agree that pressure is a part of every business and every manager's job but its when this pressure mounts additional that it becomes stress. Stress is costly to both the employees as well as managers and therefore should be avoided. There has been a lot of research already done on stress related work all around the world. Remedies are constantly being thought of and implemented. This paper tries to address some of those with a focus on the Indian market.

A difference in the work related stress of the public and private sectors is also stated as we delve into the paper. The main focus of this paper is to analyze the work related stress in India and compare the levels of stress in public and private sectors in India.

Introduction:Flatter organizations, virtual teams and changing employee values mean that today's managers face a rapidly changing environment to work in. There is an immense pressure on organizations to work in non-traditional environments. Stress has become a common phenomenon of our daily common life. The Encyclopedia of stress Flick (2000) defines stress as "real or interpreted threat to physiological or psychological integrity of an individual that results in physiological and/or behavioral response." In other words, stress is a response of the body to the challenging events or any other...