Workers go on Strike

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"What do you want? Contracts. When do we want it? Now!' were the chanting of the rioting factory workers as they marched to the beat of sticks on plastic buckets as they tossed over several cars allegedly owned by some of the managers of the factory. The strike that forced the factory to shut down had started early in the morning and went on to last most of the day.

The hard labor workers were protesting the working conditions of the factory that apparently were the cause of several injuries and deaths a year, the workers are urging for the managers to sign contracts that would enforce safety laws and regulations and would put an end to the health and safety crisis.

"This protest is uncalled for, and is doing nothing but disturb production which will result in the loss of large quantity of money, not to mention jobs."

were the words of Kim Chen, managing director for the Chinese factory situated in Shanghai. Mr. Chen believes that the protest is, like most other protests, do more harm that good and insists that he will take precautions so that no more protests happen again under his nose.

Hoi Li, of the Factory Workers' Union, is also doubtful of the intention of the protesters, "I am, like many other Chinese citizens, beginning to lose hope with our own government, who are not willing to help their own people but happy to oppress them, it is pointless if we go marching every week protesting for our rights when no one is listening". China offers one of the most appalling working conditions for it laborers and any reform or changes is highly unlikely in this conservative communist country.