Workforce Diversity

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a) Does workforce diversity hinder or help a corporation achieve its objectives? Why? Why not? I believe that diversity in the workforce helps any corporation to achieve it objectives. By having many types of people can give a company many new ideas and they may have experience that could be a benefit to the team. They help accomplish the goals that are in front of them.

b) How have changes in work place demographics impacted organizations? We see that women are now more then ever in the workplace. They are now leading major companies and have successful companies of their own. It use to be that women were not excepted in a man?s business world and now we see many changes in this and we also see many changes in that all races are making a step in our workplace also. The work place is a never ending change as time goes by and we meet those changes as they come and accept them.

c) As we become increasingly mobile as a population, geographical differences become more visible. How do you see this trend affecting your organization? As a hospital we are always looking for the changes and making them as they come along. We are always making sure that we provide new technology so that we can help the people that need our services.

d) If you have employees whose values and attitudes differ from the organization, how are they handled? We hold meetings on what the core value of the Hospital is and what is expected of them. We hold meetings on how we can work together as a whole with good attitudes.

e) What are the traits of an effective organization? I would have to say good communication as well as working well with others. Listening...