Working capital structure of Web Solution inc.: Financial analysis, Business Model, Market analysis of Pakistan

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Working Capital Management

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Yousuf Ibnul Hasan

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19th Apr 2007


We would like to thank the instructor, Yousuf Ibnul Hasan for motivating and providing us all the relevant data and necessary guidance to make the completion of this Feasibility report possible.

The group also wishes to thank all those people who directly or indirectly helped in making the completion of this report possible.

Writing the report has greatly enhanced our knowledge and has proved to be an enlightening learning experience as it has enable us to view the new idea's / existing projects from the Business point of view (like to analyze those and take decision of weather or its feasible or not, we should go for the project or not, would it give us the Required ROE or not etc).

We would like to express the fact that we have written the report to the best of our ability.

Table of Contents

2Acknowledgement �

3Table of Contents �

6Executive Summary �

8Mission �

8Company Summary �

9Description Of Product/services & Technology Used �

9Future Services �

10Market Analysis �

10Customers and Target Markets �

10ISPs face challenges �

11Broad access becomes more prevalent �

11"Free" Internet access proves viable �

12Main Competitors �

12Key competitors are detailed as follows: �

12Jump.Net �

13Arizona.Net �

13EarthLink �

14Mindspring �

15Business Model �

16Competitive Advantages �

16Marketing Plan �

17Marketing Strategy �

18Organization �

18Personnel Plan �

19Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks �

19Critical Risk & Environmental Factors �

20Startup Schedule �

20Funding Uses and General Assumptions �

20Breakdown of funds: �

21Financials �

21Break Even Analysis: �

22Forecasted P&L and balance Sheet: �

22Profit and Loss �

23Pro Forma Balance...