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The Working Class In Middletown Throughout the history of civilization man has always grouped people into classes. Some cultures base their classes on religion, some on financial status, and some on occupation. The fortunate individuals who live among the top of their class system enjoy a life of wealth and prestige. These individuals work less, but make more. The majority of them have been in this class for their entire lives. Born into an environment where success is the norm instead of the rarity. The middle of these classes lives what is said to be the average life. They have had the opportunity to get and education, earn a descent living, and fit into their own, middle of the road, social bracket. The third main group of classes is the lower class. The individuals in this class do not have the fortunate opportunities that the other classes share. These citizens have little or no education, make little money, and are often handicapped by a psychological or physiological disorder.

In American history a class which doesn't fit this three system bracket has evolved. This class is called the working class. The working class is a rather complicated group and almost has a class system of its own. In the late 1800's and during the depression of the 1930's the many members of the working class had hardly enough money to buy food. In contrast, many 1950's and 1960's working class families lived quite comfortably and were able to afford some modern luxuries. These working class differences were very common throughout the 1900's.

The following entails a look back at the working class in the late 1800's and follows their progress into the present day. The way the working class earned a living, raised a family, and maintained spiritual beliefs will all...