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Working Class Network.Net The web page for Working Class is very colorful and information enhanced. There are tons of interactive things to click on instead of just text. There is a News flash section to keep you updated, and even a neat little American Flag that waves in the top right corner. There is even a Contact Us section for feedback to the websites creators.

This website can benefit me by helping to introduce me to the wide world of drafting. It has tons of sections for assistance and even a section for resources if you need help with CAD. There is a section to benefit you by keeping you updated with the technology in the drafting world. It has all the necessities for a good drafting website.

I think the ?Just For Girls? section is ok. I do think that Drafting is definitely a male dominant career and will probably stay that way for a while.

But I don?t disagree with female drafting, I think its ok and they should continue drafting so that people can?t say drafting is sexist.

Maybe this little section will encourage women to explore the drafting world that men are dominant in. Basically they pose no harm or threat to us guys.