Working at home Specialization in Telecommuting Job

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Ibrahim Berkay Ozkan

Assignment 2

Topic: Working at home Specialization in Telecommuting Job

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Nowadays, there are many job opportunities in California. People are looking for jobs and I heard from my friend so many things about the job which is called telecommuting. One of my friends joined the company and he works from his home for the company. It seems so logical and comfortable for people. Firstly, telecommuting is the great and new job option in California. This new job style is becoming so popular instead of working in the office. Telecommuting is also good for the economy of the company. It makes higher profits and more money for the company. When people work in an office all the time, there would be co-workers and some co-workers may have a problem with each other and this may affect the people's job performance. My friend works for a company from home and he says telecommuting developed his career.

He is so happy about working at home and when he is happy about his job, his life goes on well. Working at home communicating with the office by computer may make him exhausted, but all of the jobs have many difficulties in addition to these, telecommuting is easier than working in the office.

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The pool of California companies that frequently hire telecommuters is nearly as large as the state's area of 163,707 square miles. With this many opportunities for remote and virtual employment, The Beach Boys should sing about "California Telecommuters." Apply to work for any of these California companies known for hiring remote, virtual and flexible schedule workers. As of January 2014, the California Minimum Wage is $8.00 per hour, which is higher than the federal minimum wage of $7.25. If a company tries...