A working, mechanical definition of art.

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It is hard to find a concise definition for the word “art” as it is a broad term that covers many different forms of media. The same parameters used to define music as art may not hold up when describing sculpture. Plastered across the internet, dictionaries and other sources, are broad definitions of art that are not working mechanical definitions which encompass all the different areas. There needs to be specific guidelines so that anyone can divide a random group of objects into art and non art. To portray an accurate definition, it is necessary to divide art into different studio areas. I have divided art into six categories, which will be described in depth. The first two categories deal with animated and still-life two dimensional art. After that are the three dimensional art categories, three dimensional art and architecture. The last two categories of art, which can not be held or handled, are music art and dramatic art.

Animated two dimensional art is animation and requires a television to view. It can be drawn, painted, printed, or computer generated. It can be a short animated clip, a full length feature film, or anything in between. Despite the wide variety of this media, there are certain guidelines it must follow to be considered art and not just another cartoon. The movement of the objects must be fluid, clean, and has to seem natural and realistic to the observer. Similarly, it has to be synchronized with the soundtrack, especially when the characters talk. One should almost be able to lipread what the characters are saying based on their mouth movements. Also important is the attention that the artist gives to detail and consistency. The positioning of an object across different perspectives in a scene, angle of light, and subtleties of costuming...