Working People in Business.

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Report on Co-operation between Employees and Employers to Maintain Business Performance

Business Change

Organisations face an increasingly competitive environment, both in their local markets and in the international arena. They face challenges from leaner, highly dynamic companies, not to mention instability brought about by acquisitions and mergers and demands from an ever more discriminating consumer.

Public sector organisations search for more effective ways to deliver policies and increase scales of efficiency. In this fast moving environment, many companies are finding that their existing project and resource scheduling systems are not sufficient to accommodate change or optimise their program and benefits planning and tracking. Managers often struggle as they attempt to re structure and re organise only to find that although the project and program teams have the energy and desire to move the business forward, the systems in place to handle processes lags behind, holding the company back and restricting its ability to compete and grow:

Organisations may wish to:

-Become more efficient: many systems in the market place pre define business processes without taking into consideration the unique requirements of any given company.

-Eliminate redundant processes: which only serve to substantially increase the workload and inaccuracies.

-Improve productivity: the lack of flexibility in existing legacy systems creates inflexible and unresponsive project teams.

-Increase revenue: the inefficiency of the system hampers productivity and revenue opportunities.

-Gain a competitive edge: the difficulty in gaining access to vital project and program information impedes time to market, customer service, diversification needs, etc.

These critical issues are driving organisations that seek to manage change efficiently, to search for a more flexible solution one which does not define or dictate their business processes but rather facilitates the processes which are best suited for all the diverse areas of the organisation. As a consequence, many organisations...